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One of the best ways to assess a school is by student performance on standardized test scores.  We have found that our students regularly score at least 2 grade levels above the national norms across the board.  See for yourself in the most recent test results below.

extremely high test scores for every grade

Why not the STAAR TEST?

As a private school, Community of Faith is exempt from the standardized State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. The Stanford Achievement Test for each individual grade provides us the ability to assess our students’ academic understanding in comparison with a much broader student population than a single state.  This broader comparison helps remove biases that are inherent in state-wide tests because the test content receives much more scrutiny and is focused on core educational skills.

What about those with learning disabilities?

The test scores shown above include those in our classrooms with one or more forms of dyslexia, a learning disability that we discuss more extensively on the special needs page.  We have seen remarkable results from our on-site therapist who is involved in treating dyslexia and helping her students succeed.

What about my transferring student?

We regularly have students transfer from other schools either at the beginning of the school year or mid-year.  Regardless of the timing, we use placement tests to see where your student is for the core education subjects and work with you to place your student in the most appropriate grade.