What sets CFCS apart from other private schools?


Our school has consistently been one of the highest performing private schools in El Paso ever since we opened our doors. We have an unwavering commitment to educating children well right from the start. You can skip ahead to student test results if you want to see how we compare.

Community of Faith offers an undiluted version of the Abeka curriculum. We do not diminish the effectiveness of this curriculum by using other curriculum. That way, our students realize the full impact of the curriculum and do not have any gaps or missing “puzzle pieces” as we call them. Like a jigsaw puzzle, individual topics in each subject are meant to fit together a certain way. We believe that these “puzzle pieces” need regular reinforcement, refinement, and alignment so that they stay well-connected and form a solid foundation for higher learning.

Christian worldview

We teach all of our subjects through a Christian worldview so that when students leave our campus they are strong in their faith, grounded in their convictions, and have a passion for God that will enable them to be great leaders in their community!


Our teachers truly care about your child. They are Christians who believe that God has gifted them to serve children and their families vocationally through teaching. All of our teachers are certified, and many hold advanced degrees. The average tenure of our teachers is 12 years, which highlights how much they love the students, curriculum, and environment at Community of Faith. The teachers also help students with tutoring as needed.

Parents and teachers use an online tool called RenWeb to communicate about the students’ progress, plan for upcoming events such as tests and homework, and so much more. This service enables parents to be much more in tune with what’s going on in the classroom. Parents can also view lesson plans for a better understanding of what was covered in class and how the topics fit together.


Since the mind is more than intellect, we also believe in educating the whole person. We supplement the core curriculum with physical activity, liberal arts, and character training so that our students are well-rounded. In addition to all that we offer academically, we provide many enrichment programs to help students discover where God has gifted them and to grow in these gifts.

  • Physical activity — All students participate in physical education where they receive Presidential Youth Fitness training and nutrition education with optional competitive sports in higher grades.

  • Liberal arts — All students participate in enrichment activities that include art, music education, and drama.

  • Character training — All students are encouraged to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is at the heart of all lasting fruit and the shaping of godly character. We regularly teach and try to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit in their lives.

  • Community service — We have multiple community service projects that we participate in every year to enrich the lives of the children as well as the people they are serving.


Decades of consistent results


A private school Consistently Above the National norm

Our long history of high test scores is extraordinary. The chart illustrates the average test scores of all grades since 1985. Clearly, our students average 1.5 to 3 grade levels above the Stanford Achievement Test’s national norm for each grade.

The Stanford Achievement Test provides us the ability to assess our students’ academic understanding in comparison with a much broader student population than a single state, or even a single state’s private schools. This broader comparison helps remove biases that are inherent in state-wide tests because the test content receives much more scrutiny and is focused on core educational skills.

Students with learning challenges are included in the test scores above. Learning challenges include one or more forms of dyslexia, a learning disability that we discuss more extensively on the special needs page. We have seen remarkable results from our on-site therapist who is involved in treating dyslexia and helping her students succeed.

Ready for High School and Beyond

We regularly receive reports of alumni who successfully complete advanced placement and dual enrollment courses in high school. Many have gone on to be leaders in their high schools, distinguished graduates from college, and professionals in the medical, retail, manufacturing, defense, and education industries.

Alumni often cite the importance of their private school experience to enable them to achieve so much. Each former student takes with them the seeds of an outstanding education, spiritual care, and a Biblical worldview that ultimately influence society and their future families.


You will not find a private school in el paso that is more academically sound.

Blanca Mixer | Co-founder