Community of Faith Christian School is an independent Christian school that has been serving the El Paso, TX, and Juarez, Mexico area since 1981. We offer K-3 preschool through 8th grade, day care, and many enrichment programs. Our school has become highly regarded in the community for its superior academics, caring faculty, small class sizes, and positive atmosphere.

Superior academics from a Christian world view

We strongly believe that a good education early in life provides a solid foundation for a life of learning and accomplishment in the workplace and home.  We want to be good stewards of the 8 hours per day we have with your children to help them learn all that they possibly can, and not just intellectually.   Our students (including those with learning disabilities) regularly outperform the national norms at every grade level. Our high test scores speak for themselves. When your child graduates from our program they are well prepared to succeed academically for high school and easily test into Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes.

We also teach our children to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. This is at the heart of all lasting fruit and the shaping of godly character. We teach them to love as Christ loves, to serve as Christ serves, to care for others as Christ cares for others. We regularly teach and try to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit in their lives — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We teach all of our subjects through a Christian worldview so that when they leave our campus they are strong in their faith, grounded in their convictions, and have a passion for God that will enable them to be great leaders in their community!

Tenured teachers that really care for your child

All teachers are Christians who believe that God has gifted them to serve children and their families vocationally through teaching. All of our teachers are certified, and many hold advanced degrees. The average tenure of our teachers is 12 years, which highlights how much they love the students, curriculum, and environment at Community of Faith. The teachers also help students with tutoring as needed. Here are links to information about our wonderful teachers and staff.
Parents and teachers use an online tool called RenWeb to communicate about the students’ progress, plan for upcoming events such as tests and homework, and so much more. This service enables parents to be much more in tune with what’s going on in the classroom. Parents can also place hot lunch orders, view lesson plans, and see billing information all from the same place.

Beautiful facilities in the green Upper Valley

Community of Faith is located on a luscious 2.5-acre facility in the Upper Valley near the corner of Sunset and Doniphan. We have a state-of-the-art computer lab, a school library, small classroom sizes of 15-18 students, recreation areas, and physical fitness equipment.

Well-Rounded including arts, sports, and community service

In addition to all that we offer academically, we provide many enrichment programs to help students discover where God has gifted them and to grow in these gifts.  All students participate in art projects, music education, and drama. Visit our enrichment programs page to learn more.

All students also participate in physical conditioning.  Our physical education program features Presidential Fitness Program training and nutrition education, all with the goal of developing each child’s athletic abilities to their highest potential.  Visit our athletics page for more information.

We realize that our lives are bigger than ourselves, and we want to build that into each child’s education.  We have multiple service projects that we participate in every year that enrich the lives of the children as well as the people they are serving. Visit our community service page to learn more about the various projects in which our students are involved.