Parent testimonial

Learning disabilities

Community of Faith is among the best dyslexia schools in El Paso because of of its integrated curriculum for students with special needs. Special needs students can receive specialized therapy and still participate in normal class activities, which is important for them both socially and academically.

Three groups of people make this integrated curriculum effective. First, we have an on-site Certified Language Therapist who specializes in helping students with reading, writing, and spelling disorders. Second, our teachers assist in the practical application of skills learned during therapy so that they are reinforced and form new habits. Finally, parents also assist by applying these same skills in the home and providing LOTS of encouragement! All three groups of people communicate very closely about progress, skills, and observations in order to assist each special needs student.

We have seen some amazing results using this approach for those with special needs. Our student’s high test scores include the scores of students with special needs.

English as a second language

Another area of special needs that we support are our non-English-speaking students. We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to students that need it as part of their regular class day for the same reasons outlined above, namely the importance of social and academic development while also learning English.

We use an A Beka online program for ESL students so that its content ties right in with the other subjects being taught in the classroom. This program stresses an intensive phonics approach, helping foreign students in the pronunciation of words and the development of vocabulary, enabling them to read and write English fluently. Phonics is a strength of the A Beka curriculum, and it really shines in the ESL area.