Parent testimonial

First, thank you for considering Community of Faith Christian School for your child. Your investment in their education at an early age will pay huge dividends later both in terms of their life-long learning and spared expenses for college. Our parents of “graduates” regularly tell us that their children were well-prepared for high school and college. That’s the best encouragement our teachers can receive! Those rewards stem directly from years of patient investment by the parents, teachers, and students.

Community of Faith admissions are accepted any time during the year, although the beginning of the fall and spring semesters are our most popular times because they fall on natural transition times. Some families also start their children during the summer session so that they hit the ground running in the fall.

We have worked hard to streamline the Community of Faith¬†admissions process in order to better serve you and your child. But don’t delay. Once our small classes fill up, you will need to wait for a slot to open later in the year.

Typical student profile

Here is a profile of the typical student that we accept at Community of Faith:

  • Obedient and disciplined
  • Desire to be a CFCS student
  • Diligent
  • Servant heart
  • Supportive and respectful family

Placement testing

We test transferring students to assess their current knowledge and skills during the admissions process and discuss the results with you during an interview. From our experience, transferring students are often at differing grade levels from one subject to another. We work closely with you to determine the best fit for your child socially and academically so that he or she is challenged but not overwhelmed. More information about placement testing is available on our FAQ page.