Parent testimonial

P.E. philosophy

The Physical Education program enriches our students by instilling in them team work, fairness, skills and improve on strength, flexibility and endurance. Our P.E. program provides a loving environment in which we develop each child’s athletic abilities to their highest potential. They learn to work together, cheer each other on, and treat one another with love, kindness, and devotion. We also teach them the importance of personal well-being through a proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Presidential Fitness Program

Community of Faith is a Presidential Fitness school.  In fact, it’s one of only a few Presidential Fitness schools in El Paso that prepare, train, instruct, and develop the necessary abilities in children to score well on this Presidential Fitness Test.  We pride ourselves in following the Presidential Youth Fitness Program closely for Kindergarten through 8th grade.

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program is a federally defined curriculum which helps children develop endurance, flexibility, strength and overall toning. We prepare the students for 4 weeks for the fall testing, and we prepare again in the spring for the final evaluations.

Wellness Wednesdays

We work weekly on agility, coordination, and building endurance through our Wellness Wednesday P.E. classes. Throughout the year, we work on skills necessary to provide children with the knowledge and ability to compete in several sports. We stress learning the rules and skills needed to compete in soccer, basketball and volleyball. In the spring we also work on track and field events structured around our students and their individual skills and desires.

Middle school sports

Our vision going forward is to compete regionally in the Christian Athletics league.  We have fielded teams for boys basketball, girls volleyball, and co-ed track and field. Our goal is to field multiple teams (both male and female) in each of these sports. We are also working on raising interest in a soccer program where multiple Christian schools form a new soccer league.