The students in our school have won many awards for their art.

Art classes consist of learning the basic techniques for painting with acrylics. Students copy art created by famous artists to learn the symmetry and perspective, and then apply their learning to create their own art. Students also study the lives, artwork, and techniques of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and Rousseau.

We invite accomplished artists in the area to come and judge the work that the children have produced. We have an art exhibit at our annual banquet, and during the entire month of May the art exhibit is placed inside City Hall on display.


Music Education

In Music Class the students train their vocal chords through vocalization at the beginning of every session and are taught good singing habits. They learn to read music in the treble clef and are exposed to basic theory.

Students learn to play the soprano recorder, and learn a repertoire of songs for the soprano recorder.

The class attends the annual Young People’s Concert sponsored by the El Paso Symphony Orchestra. Students also participate in the Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) Music Festival where judges evaluate their performance. Students sing, play their recorders, and some students may perform vocal or instrumental solos. Our students excel in their performance and are awarded superior ratings in all areas.



Drama class students learn the fundamentals of acting throughout the year.

Drama class becomes a good vehicle for relating to other students, learn their personalities, and discover the different gifts and talents God has given them. They learn to be passionate and creative in their acting role.

The students learn how to get into their roles; once they receive their roles for the musical, the disciplines of regular rehearsals and knowing their lines is emphasized. To produce a musical we combine choir, choreography, and drama. All of these talents are essential to the final presentation. In prior years the students performed in Joseph and His Twelve BrothersAnne Frank, and The Nifty Fifties musicals.



The yearbook class is set up to operate as a professional publication and design studio in what serves as a real-life publication environment.

The editors (students) will report to the faculty yearbook advisor who serves in the role of the CEO of the publication studio. The student editors are trained to become self sufficient and able to run the entire business, including both the creative and production aspects of the studio.

Yearbook production teaches students invaluable life skills such as conducting interviews, laying out pages, producing and editing photos, giving weekly status updates, meeting deadlines, and writing stories with proper vocabulary and grammar.


Computer Training

We are proud to offer computer training to 1st through 8th grade students in our state-of-the-art computer lab.

We use real-life projects to which the students can relate. Topics include keyboarding, graphics design, and Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher. These are the programs students will need in high school, college, and career. By revisiting these applications multiple times from 1st through 8th grade, the students receive repetition and reinforcement in building their skills.

Students are also taught to comply with copyright and digital rights laws and examine the issues regarding the use of technology in society.



Students in Grades 1-6 learn elementary Spanish in an appealing atmosphere for maximum exposure to foreign-language learning. Course content is presented in an enjoyable, non-threatening manner, making it easy for your child to eagerly participate. The lessons cover vocabulary, listening comprehension skills, speaking with emphasis in pronunciation and intonation, grammar, reading and writing, culture, work-text activities, Bible verses, and songs.

Students in Grades 7-8 learn more advanced reading, writing, speaking, and singing skills in Spanish using books that are written with the student in mind. Emphasis is placed in grammar, increased vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation, conversation, and reading with comprehension. They also become acquainted with the countries, customs, and people of the Hispanic world.


Science Fair

Each spring our students in 3rd through 8th grades participate in the ACSI science fair. This gives them the opportunity to apply the scientific method to the exploration of God’s creation. It also gives them practice in technical writing and oral presentation skills.

Most of all, the science fair is designed to help students study science from a biblical perspective. Students conduct their science fair research and experimentation in light of the truth that God is the creator and sustainer of this world and that God has established the laws and characteristics that we get to ‘discover’ and put to practical use.

food bank.jpg

Community Service

Community of Faith students regularly reach out to the community and serve others. Every year, each class chooses where they are going to go and what they are going to do.  Here are some examples from previous years.

  • West Texas Food Bank — sorting out food by expiration date or by categories, or sack beans for 2 – 3 hours in order to feed the hungry in our community

  • Harvest Hands Ministries — providing shoe boxes at Christmas (blankets, toys, etc.) for this orphanage in Cd. Juarez, Mexico

  • Retirement Homes — visiting various retirement homes in the community to sing, recite poems, recite or read Bible verses, and just try to serve and love on them as much as we can while we are there