The art classes at Community of Faith consist of learning the basic techniques for painting with acrylics – scenery, flowers, fruits, animals, and people. We have also used chalk and pastels in the past. Utilizing the basic colors, students learn to blend them to create shades of color desired in each painting. Students copy art created by famous artists, to learn the symmetry and perspective. With these tools they create their own art, producing extraordinary paintings. Within our curriculum, students study the lives and artwork of famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Rousseau, etc. and study the different techniques and types of works.

We invite accomplished artists in the area to come and judge the work that the children have produced. We have an art exhibit at our annual banquet, and during the entire month of May the art exhibit is placed inside City Hall on display for all to see. Without fail, every year someone calls about the possibility of purchasing some of the art that is on display. The students in our school have won many awards for their art, and we are proud of them and our art department for all their hard work and talent!