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Each spring our students in 3rd through 8th grades participate in the ACSI science fair. This gives them the opportunity to apply the scientific method to the exploration of God’s creation. It also gives them practice in technical writing and oral presentation skills.

Most of all, the science fair is designed to help students study science from a biblical perspective. Students conduct their science fair research and experimentation in light of the truth that God is the creator and sustainer of this world and that God has established the laws and characteristics that we get to ‘discover’ and put to practical use.

The science fair packet is now available for download.

Science Fair Schedule

Event/Activity Month
1. Research your science project experiment topic. January
2. Science Fair Workshop  January
3.1. Submit Science Project Worksheet to your teacher.
3.2. Once approved, begin collecting project research information.
3.3. Begin Log Book record-keeping.
3.4. Collect equipment needed for experiment.
4.1. Locate & record all research information & submit to teacher for approval.
4.2. Begin experiment.
4.3. Observe, record & analyze data.
4.4. Record activity in Log book.
5.1. Complete Written Report & Outline and submit to teacher for approval.
5.2. When approved, write Written Report.
5.3. Finish Display Board.
5.4. Continue experiment & Log Book entries.
6.1. Experiment completed
6.2. Outline finished
6.3. Written Report turned in
6.4. Display Board turned in
6.5. Logbook finished
6.6. Take materials to classroom
6.7. Prepare and practice oral presentation
7. CFCS Science Fair (Preliminary judging) March
8. ACSI Science Fair (Finalists only) April