Elementary Spanish – Grades 1-6

The course seeks to provide an appealing atmosphere for maximum exposure to foreign-language learning. Course content is presented in an enjoyable, non-threatening manner, making it easy for your child to eagerly participate. The lessons cover vocabulary, listening comprehension skills, speaking with emphasis in pronunciation and intonation, grammar, reading and writing, culture, work-text activities, Bible verses, and songs.

The curriculum provides read-aloud books containing simple stories with beautiful illustrations that provide a rich context and inspiration for discussion.

Foreign Language – Grades 7-8

The books are written with the student in mind. They learn to read, write, speak, and sing in Spanish. Emphasis is placed in grammar, increased vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation, conversation, and reading with comprehension. They also become acquainted with the countries, customs, and people of the Hispanic world.

Because “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,” students learn how to tell others about God’s love in Spanish. Someday, especially in this part of the country, they will meet some Spanish-speaking people with whom they will want to share that love. They will have the opportunity now to prepare for that day.