The yearbook class is set up to operate as a professional publication and design studio in what serves as a real-life publication environment. The editors (students) will report to the Faculty yearbook adviser who serves in the role of the CEO of the publication studio. The student editors are trained to become self sufficient and able to run the entire business, including both the creative and production aspects of the studio.

Yearbook production will enclose a wide variety of activities such as:

  1. Learning how to conduct good interviews
  2. Working on page layout and proper completeness
  3. Learning to produce and edit their own pictures
  4. Paying attention to vocabulary and grammar and encouraging creativity
  5. Keeping up with one’s own deadlines and giving a progress report one week in advance of deadline
  6. Writing stories and getting captions (which take more than 50% of the work flow)

Goals for the yearbook team are to produce a quality digital publication that meets both design and publication specification deadlines. Workflow management is the primary key to success in this course. All team members will become adept in all areas of publication production, including design, writing, editing, deadline management, and file management, and photo quality creation. These skills will not only contribute to the completion of our school yearbook but will also provide invaluable life skills.