Don't gamble with your child's future


Although life can present many difficult challenges, your child’s education should not be one of them — nor should recovery from a poorly designed curriculum prevent your child from receiving the foundational tools necessary to prepare for a life of learning and accomplishment.

Some choose a school based on proximity to their residence, others select a school where their children’s friends attend, and still others decide based on tradition.

While these may seem to be legitimate reasons, they overlook the fundamental element for selection of a school, which is the student success rate. In other words, how well does the school create a foundation for learning and is it successful in teaching children?

Community of Faith is a private Christian school with a moderate tuition schedule, a 38-year history of promoting academic excellence as evidenced by consistently posted student SAT scores 1.5 to 3 grade levels above the national norm, and students who are well-grounded and equipped to address life’s challenges with wisdom and confidence.

Visit our website to learn more about CFCS and eliminate this gamble from your child’s life. Acceptance is limited to the first 15 qualified students in each class — grades K2 - 8th.

Call (915) 584-2561 today to schedule a campus tour and meeting with our principal to learn more about our program of excellence. You will be glad that you did and so will your child.