How to find the right school for your child — "The Search"

There are a number of ways to locate a school for your child. Some of the most common methods are:

  1. Checking to see what schools are near your home, and

  2. Finding out where your friends’ children go to school.

But do you really want to adopt another family’s standard for your child, or do you want a school that supports your family’s morals, values, and expectations? 

The first step is to determine whether you are willing to accept public education as the standard by which your child will be trained. Keep in mind that public education is based upon revisionary practices that rewrite history, teach “new” math, and erode our moral standards to make almost anything okay.

If you want more for your child, the right private school will be more likely to meet your need. However, even private schools vary in the quality of their curriculum. Some use a time-tested program, which is not compromised by some secondary popular new standard. Others combine two or more curricula, which may present little or no improvement over the public school system.

Here are a number of Google search phrases that will help you find schools with a good background. These are search phrases that other parents have used to look for schools for their children.

  • Abeka School El Paso TX

  • Best Christian School(s) El Paso TX

  • Best Christian Elementary School(s) El Paso TX

  • Best Christian Middle School(s) El Paso TX

  • Best Private School(s) El Paso TX

  • Christian School(s) El Paso TX

  • Private School(s) El Paso TX

Once you find a couple of schools that seem to fit your search criteria, your next step will be to schedule a school tour and meeting with the principal. See how we measure up by visiting, and then call (915) 584-2561 to book a tour of our campus and a meeting with our principal.

Thank you for reading our post. We hope you found this information helpful and that we’ll see you again soon. Look for more in our next post.