Seeking a solid return on your educational investment?

Elementary and middle schools are chosen for any number of reasons, but perceived social status seems to rank near the top for many.

  • When selecting a school for your child, the true measure of value will be found in your child’s acquired ability to think and apply knowledge, relate well with others, demonstrate moral integrity, and gain an understanding of purpose through and a relationship with God.

  • The choice to bless your child with a private Christian education will reap dividends beyond measure, and benefits for eternity.

  • Our 38-year history of promoting academic excellence is unrivaled as evidenced by consistently posted student SAT scores 1.5 to 3 grade levels above the national norm, and students who are well grounded and equipped to address life’s challenges with wisdom and confidence.

  • Now, from a business perspective, that is an amazing return on investment (ROI)!

  • Classes are limited to first 15 qualified students.

  • Visit us at for more details, call (915) 584-2561 to schedule your campus tour today, and meet with our principal to learn more before classes fill.