Our Story

Community of Faith Christian School was founded in 1981 by Anthony and Blanca Mixer. Dissatisfied with the school options available for their own children, they set out to build the type of school they wanted for them. They wanted a school that offered superior academics from a biblical worldview, with teachers that truly cared for each child. Surely there were others in the El Paso, TX, and Juarez, Mexico area that were in the same predicament.

The initial years of pre-school and early elementary grades proved their theory. CFCS instantly became one of the highest performing schools in El Paso. As parents and children saw the initial results, the school expanded with additional grades and with extracurricular activities to keep pace with growing demand in the community.

The results have been truly remarkable. CFCS enjoys hearing reports of how its students (including those with learning disabilities) regularly outperform the national norms at every grade level. Parents of former students regularly share how their children easily tested into Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes in high school. And several former students, now parents themselves, have returned to CFCS for their own children’s education.