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Ben H (Feb 2019)

We have three children attending Community of Faith Christian School and are constantly amazed by the academic growth they have shown this year. The class material is demanding but the result has been an incredible development of our children’s ability to prepare for life’s challenges in a Christian environment. For example, our Kindergartener, who could not read and barely knew his ABCs, is now writing sentences in cursive and reading entire books. Every week they surprise us with something new they’ve learned. It’s no wonder CFCS students test so well nationally. We’re very thankful for the opportunity CFCS has provided for our children and know it will pay huge dividends for them as they continue their educational journey.

Katherine (Aug 2015)

There is not a word other than EXCELLENT to describe our experience. The strong academics and small nurturing atmosphere has given my children great memories of their school experience. They worked very hard but they felt sincerely loved and safe. They both choose small Christian colleges to attend because of that excellent experience. Our son received a $50,000 per year full tuition to a good college. He recently graduated and has a great job and no debt! Our daughter is pre-med in her second year of college and over half her tuition is scholarship funded. The cost of Community of Faith Christian School has come back to us in money we saved on college tuition. I could not have imagined a better outcome for our children and our finances!!! I did not like the extremely overcrowded public schools. I visited a public school in town that was highly recommended. It had 1,200 students k-5th grades. I asked if there was trouble with violence and the principle said yes. When I met Mrs. Mixer and she gave me a tour of Community of Faith, I knew in my heart this school was right for my children. I could not have been happier with the quality of the curriculum and the small nurturing environment.

Brett E (Jan 2015)

The Christian Education is the most important thing I love about my school. My Mimi and Papa have taught me that a good education, a loving foundation, and always knowing that Jesus loves me are the most important things I could ask for. I am thankful that my Mimi and Papa encouraged me to enroll at Community of Faith Christian School.

At first, I wasn’t sure Community of Faith was the school for me. It was so small. I have been encouraged beyond my imagination throughout this school year. I have had to work hard to maintain a straight A average. I believe my teachers are the best teachers in the world. They have encouraged me every step of the way. They make learning fun. They taught us with a strong had, but a caring had. They have given me opportunities I would have never had at any other school. With their Christian beliefs and teachings, they have brought me closer to Jesus as well.

My math teacher has given me the strength to conquer math and algebra with vengeance. I didn’t like math until I came to Community of Faith. My teacher has showed me short cuts, along with giving me the basic math skills to carry me through high school.

My principal is so nice; never a day goes by she won’t stop and say hello, or good morning, or how are you?

My P.E. coach makes P.E. so much fun, and has taught us about eating the right foods, and how daily exercise is so important. She participates with us, and encourages each of us as we go through the day. I feel blessed that we have some of the most caring teachers at our school.

Sometimes I feel sad knowing that other children have not been given the opportunities that I have; to gain such enormous knowledge through a Christian Environment. I have learned that great things come in small packages. I am thankful to my Mimi and Papa that work so hard so my little brother and I have a great education.

Stephen (Dec 2014)

When we moved to El Paso in 2014, we were looking for private Christian education for our 3 children. We looked into two of the most well-known options, St. Marks and St. Matthews. While we might easily have settled for one of the two, something called us to dig deeper for our kids. I am not quite sure how we stumbled upon Community of Faith Christian School, but after the first visit I was glad we hadn’t settled for the others. The small class sizes allow the dedicated cadre of teachers to take these kids to the upper echelons of academic excellence. In spite of the rigour, the kids really support each other so that no one is made to feel like they don’t belong. Perhaps the only downside is that, given the small class sizes, everyone has to pull together to raise funds. We were surprised to learn the school has been around for over 30 years, because it seems like the best-kept secret in west El Paso education. In any event, this hidden gem of a school deserves wider publicity. When it comes to private education in west El Paso, there are several good schools. However, if you are not willing to settle for good, if you are seeking a truly exceptional educational experience for your child, there is one elite school that stands apart from the rest. Located in a beautiful park-like setting, small classes of 6 to 8 students learn at 2-3 class levels above the state average, in an intimate, nurturing environment. Tuition is competitive considering what this school offers.

Maria (Nov 2014)

My three year old daughter now attends Community of Faith Christian school and is learning about our Lord and Savior . She wakes up excited. My older daughter was diagnosed with the learning disability of auditory and visual dyslexia. I was discouraged with the public school she was attending at the time. I felt she was not getting the one on one attention she so needed. I learned of the school through a neighbor and found they offered assistance for children with learning disabilities. It was the answer to my prayers. My older daughter is now excelling in academics and most importantly has a relationship with our Lord and Savior. Now my three year old daughter is attending the school and is learning so much. She wakes up excited every morning knowing she is going to school. She is learning to have a relationship with Our Lord and Savior . I am so excited for her.

Anonymous (Aug 2012)

I enrolled my daughter at Community of Faith Christian School last year in October, after deciding the public school was no longer a good fit. My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and I felt she was not getting the proper instruction by the public school. I was hesitant to move my daughter in the middle of the school year, but now I know it was the best choice. Mrs. Mixer, the school principal, demonstrated great knowledge with children with special needs. Mrs. Mixer sat down with my husband and me. She explained everything her staff had to offer. After having this extensive conversation regarding my daughter and her special needs, I enrolled her and have been jumping for joy ever since! Mrs. Mixer and her staff have embraced my daughter, and I have seen the growth in her knowledge academically and spiritually. If you are looking for a school with a great principal, a staff with extensive knowledge, and special programs offered for children with special needs, then Community of Faith is the school for you. Today is my daughter’s first day back to school, and we both are so grateful to begin a new school year at Community of Faith Christian School.

Anonymous (Aug 2012)

Our children have been at Community of Faith Christian school for a total of 12 years now. We have never been disappointed. The principal and the teachers are caring and demonstrate a Christian attitude. One of our children required extra attention and the school was very supportive. As a result, our child has grown into a wonderful teenager. The principal and staff even obtained additional education to assist our child with his learning needs. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a loving Christian atmosphere with high educational standards. Our children are well above the high school levels as compared with their friends in public and other private schools. We are blessed to have sent our children to this wonderful school!

M Gillmore (July 2012)

My daughter feels so comfortable at CFCS it’s like her second home. Class sizes are small which I see as a big plus and is the main reason why I chose to send her here.

Anonymous (Jun 26, 2012)

My daughter has ADHD, and she and our family have been truly blessed as she has attended this school over the past two years! I truly believe her teachers’ exceptional awareness of her needs and their loving and wise teaching strategies helped her succeed academically and socially. As a parent, I always had easy access to her teachers and felt we could work together for her success. Over time, I have grown to respect them for their professionalism as well as their commitment to the students. I became involved with the staff, principal, and other parents as well and am happy to report that they are some of the finest people I have met in my life. I value order, love of God, high family values, and anything else that is virtuous among other things, and I am happy my daughter and our family have enjoyed these characteristics at her school. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this wonderful place earlier on!

S Stall (May 2012)

I am very happy with the education my children are receiving from CFCS. They are able to participate in extracurricular activities like volleyball, basketball, and spelling bees while being challenged mentally in the classroom by great teachers and courses. I love the discipline and the great class sizes.

Anonymous (May 2012)

My daughter attends Community of Faith Christian School. She has been going here for about three years, and I can tell she really likes it. I feel like this school has created a very safe learning environment, and the fact that so many students score very high on tests really caught the attention of my wife and me. That is just one example of what a fine job the teachers and staff are doing for the students.

Anonymous (Nov 2011)

My kids attended CFCS many years ago, and now my grandson is enrolled. I think that speaks volumes for how much we like the school. One of the things I like most about them is that they have the perfect size of classrooms. I like their curriculum and of course the great teachers.

Cindy (Oct 10, 2011)

The principal at CFCS really projects a positive image for the kids, and the teachers do a wonderful job in the classroom and keeping us updated on how the kids are doing. They really do a nice job keeping the workload and difficulty level and a pace so that they are ready for the next level in schooling. They have been good about updating the technology and adding components to the computers over the past few years. The best thing about Community of Faith Christian is the great Christian atmosphere they have developed at the school. It’s one of the best private schools in El Paso for the wonderful learning environment.

Alma T (May 19, 2011)

This is my daughter’s 2nd year at the school, and I’m very pleased. I feel very secure having my daughters there; I feel that safety is #1 for the kids. I also like their smaller class sizes and attention to detail. The communication between the teachers and parents is excellent. You can see your child’s progress right on their website. They update it with their homework on a regular basis. It’s a great school overall.

Patricia Q (Mar 2011)

My daughter started going to CFCS in preschool, and now she’s in the first grade. I think their class sizes are perfect, and the school stays up to date with modern technologies and educational tools. They encourage the parents to get involved, and their teachers never miss a beat. I also appreciate their fair, positive, and appropriate discipline policies (my daughter has first hand experience with that). Overall I am very pleased, and I know she will be well prepared for the 2nd grade.

Parent (Jul 2007)

The principal at CFCS is awesome and very caring toward the students. The kinder teacher is great with the students and knows what she is doing.